Friday, December 30, 2011

Life According to Nathan

Do you want to know what a little boy who has been home for 1 year sounds like? Here you go! 

Nathan has been very insistent for months that I will have a baby boy and girl at the same time. He's gone through several sets of names (the first being Shaggy and Daphne) before settling on Redskin and Emily (as in Clifford and Emily), and every time we go to the store he talks about all the things the babies will need. It's really funny so tonight I decided to record it so we can share it with  you. He went on about numerous other things too. I know it's long but it's really worth it! 

My favorite highlights: 

* his brother will be in his room and his sister will be in Matt's,

* if they wake up at night we are to quietly get them up and feed them "five milks" and sing sleepy             songs...WITHOUT waking him up, 

* that he will be on call if we have any discipline problems with the babies even after he's grown and living on his own, 

* and that he will be changing his name to "Lightning McQueen" when he's Daddy's age.

Good to know.

After we finished filming this Nathan, of course, had to watch it. Then he promptly said "Mommy, you can't talk in my movie."  Oops.


  1. Ahem, does this mean you are pregnant????? Did I miss something on the blog???? In any case - that's great that Nathan is excited about a little brother and a little sister. I know that Miras welcomed Irina into his life considering the fact that he had to share his Mommy and Daddy. I think it speaks to how well Nathan has bonded with you all and how secure he feels as a Brogden. Happy new year!

  2. No, you didn't miss anything...unless he knows something we don't! Nathan is certainly advocating for younger siblings though. :)

  3. Cute, I love how he talks with his hands!