Saturday, December 10, 2011

Getting ready for Christmas

We are admittedly behind in our Christmas prep, but we are making progress. Getting a kindergartner and a teenager to do the same thing (at the same time) is almost impossible, even when it's Christmas we are talking about.


At least Matt and Mouse seem to like playing in the ornament wrappings!

Today we tried to do our "budget" photos so I can send our Christmas cards. Haircuts, showers, Christmas-y outfits, vacuuming the rug in case it shows in the photo, moving the furniture, setting up lamps, keeping the animals away, getting them to sit together and smile at the same time.....I'm exhausted! 

Test photo - can't believe how much bigger he looks than last year.

Think this is my favorite!

Or maybe this one.

Oy! Next year I'm hiring a professional.

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