Thursday, December 22, 2011

Focusing on GIVING

Granted, it's only for our neighbors...nobody really needy in any major way...but it still helped a little bit to put the focus on giving. Nathan has picked up the greedy, consumer mentality amazingly fast, and is intent on making sure we all know exactly what he wants for Christmas...which is literally everything he knows of that has been mass produced and/or marketed to children. He knows all about Christ, and the true meaning of Christmas, but...

Today while Matt was off doing teenager things we delivered our little gifts for our neighbors. The great idea came from a blog called how does she? and they turned out to be quite cute.

The neighbors seemed to like it, and we got to "give" a little! :)


  1. M is seriously focused on the presents under the tree. We did something similar and made & gave presents to his teachers and therapists. It's so hard to help him think about other people right now. Praying for you guys!

  2. Thanks Kristy! Every little bit helps, right?! :)