Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fire House Fun

Yesterday the boys had a special fire station tour set up for them by our good friend and adoption supporter, Wendy. It was so exciting for all of us. Nate loves fire trucks so was particularly excited to see them close up for the first time ever. Matt really enjoyed the two firemen who gave the tour and gave him detailed information about the equipment and stuff they do.

Nate really liked honking the air horn and sounding the siren...which he did until we were all just about deaf.

Both guys got to handle the fire hoses and both narrowly avoided getting any of the rest of us soaked. Way to go boys!

One of the funniest parts was when three of the guys had a race to see who could get all of their gear on the fastest. Way under 2 minutes. It takes me at least 10 and I don't have a 45 pound air tank anywhere. Impressive!

Can't wait for some daughters that I can take on girly outings. :)

You're really never too old for a plastic helmet.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

One Month Home

I think he feels right at home!

Wow - how do I even begin to tell you all that's happened since we got home?! It's been amazing and intense! Halloween was the first day we were home, and both boys celebrated birthdays within a week of getting here. We went up to Richmond to watch my brother run his first marathon...he did great! Then we went down to Tallahassee to visit the Brogdons for Thanksgiving. In between we've had so many other firsts - church and Sunday school, cubbies at AWANA, first Christmas tree, first movie with hot chocolate and popcorn, and on, and on, and on.... Here are some of the photo highlights.

Right before the finish line!

Right after the race - see Dave's medal?! Us with the incredible Auntie Meg, and my mom hiding behind me.

At the Backfin. Nano, Uncle Dave, Booch...and us.

Even though one is in marathon shape, I see a resemblance :)

The marathon was SO fun! Clint had to be home for church but Matt, Nathan and I headed up by ourselves. It was a long drive - about 9 hours - with a carsick little boy but we made it. It was great to introduce N to the rest of my family, and the atmosphere at marathons is so exciting. We went to dinner the first night at the amazing Backfin Restaurant. The tables were really tall and Nathan slid off the edge of his seat once and popped up and said "it's okay". He is a tough little guy. We loved race day and had fun ourselves, racing from one view point to another. It was hard work...all that clapping. Phew!

Trenton and Nathan...don't remember ever seeing them with bare feet up on chairs at the baby house.

Back - Trenton, sis-in-law Neysa, C's dad 'Grand Daddy'
Middle - C's mom 'Nana', Matt, me, Nathan
Front - C's brother Clay, Clint

The boys

Posted by PicasaThanksgiving was great - had the chance to get away as a family of four...even if it was only for 2 days since Clint used all his vacation time for Kazakhstan adoption trips. I am on a low-carb, no sugar or white flour diet which made eating a challenge. I hope I didn't hurt too many feelings! Marie and Neysa...if you are reading this please know how much I wanted to enjoy all of the really tempting food you all made!! Clint is nice and has been doing this diet with me so I don't feel too bad, but at Thanksgiving he really messed up. He actually SNUCK a piece of the 'Oreo delight' and thought I wouldn't notice. I hope he gets a cavity! :)  (just kidding)

One of the really significant things that we were able to do was dedicate Nathan at church on Orphan Sunday. It just worked out that the regularly scheduled child dedication day was on Nov.7...the first Sunday we all made it to church. It was also Matt's 13th birthday!! To be able to introduce Nathan to Jesus and the gift He has given us is so significant. We always marvel at God and how he has given us a Mohammed.

One of the funny things about that picture from Dedication Day is that he has a bald spot on the back right side of his head from where he freaked out at the barber...for no reason at the end of the haircut. Too funny!

There are so many things I'd love to share with everyone but I'm out of time. Next time, I promise!

Nathan's first night in his new room!

Go Skins!!