Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Warm-Fuzzies All Around

God did it!!

We had our third home study appointment today - the dreaded home visit - and we passed! Our social worker, who is totally awesome, told us that our house was adorable and we gave her warm-fuzzies and we will make an excellent family for another child!

Thankfully she didn't look in the fridge...but I did have some chocolate cake there just in case! :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

How Much is Enough?

I saw this on another blog and it really hit home. We are so caught up in our Americanized ideas about how much we should have to live 'comfortably'... a room for each child or two, a couple of nice, big (or small and fast!) cars, money for vacations, and other 'necessities'. Do we really need all that?

"From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked." -Luke 12:48


Imagine with me for a minute…

Right now, today…

you are small and alone.

You are hungry and lost.

You have no home, no parents, and seemingly no future.

You are scared, and weak, from days without food. You have nowhere to go, nowhere to be.

People walk by you but they don’t even look your way. It’s like you are invisible, nothing.

You keep walking, your feet are bleeding and sore… and yet still you manage to cling to the small bit of hope, the little voice inside your head that says maybe, just maybe, one day things will get better. Maybe one day -you will matter.

It is getting dark outside- inside your fear is growing. Where will you go?

Your heart is beating faster, and your fear becomes overwhelming, consuming your every thought. Then you see it, a dirty, broken cardboard box and you bow your head thanking God for His provision. For you have found it- shelter. Safety, if only for one night.

You slip underneath it, hugging yourself, vowing once again not to cry- because by now you know tears are a waste of your strength. Your eyes become heavy, despite the sweltering temperature. As you begin to drift off to sleep you pray, hoping, dreaming, of a family of your own one day...of a place where you will matter...to someone.

Somewhere else in the world is a family...

They are just sitting down to dinner together.They are smiling and their laughter fills the room.

Dinner is served and they bow their heads and they pray- thanking God for their many blessings… their home, their job, the food that is set before them.They lift their heads and go back to the laughter and the joy.

They talk of their upcoming vacation plans, the lunch date they shared with a friend today and the movie they plan to see this coming weekend.

More laughter, more excitement, more. As the leftovers are scraped into the garbage can and the table is cleaned up, hot bubble bathes are taken by all.

Evening settles in, and the family slips under their down comforters preparing for a good night's sleep.

Before turning out the lights, the husband leans over to kiss his wife good-night. She shyly smiles at him and begins to tell him that she has been feeling that perhaps God is calling them to adopt.

The room grows quiet as they are both lost in their own thoughts…

their minds are flooded with questions, concern, and then inevitably -fear.

How could they manage?
Another child?
Why, they already have two!
Where would they put the child?
Who would share a room?
How could they afford to adopt?
Would they be able to take that vacation?
What would people think?
What if the child, you know, caused ‘problems’?

As their eyelids become heavy, they begin to drift off to sleep...
and they think to themselves ‘surely not’.

Surely God knows this is not convenient.
Surely God wants them to take that vacation they deserve...
Surely he knows how busy they are.
They have plans and they have dreams.
As sleep overcomes them, the temperature in their master bedroom is perfect…
and their pillows are fluffed to perfection.

Life is good for them, just as they had planned...
Because after all, they matter...
Too much...

to themselves.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Birthday to Matt!

I can't believe Matthew was born 12 years ago today...what an amazing blessing to us all!

Then - November 7th, 1997


Here's wishing you a very happy birthday Matt! We love you SO much!! :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Home Study Madness

Anyone who says that getting ready for a home visit from your social worker is easy is either lying or WAY more together than I am! I know they don't dig through closets or white-glove test the baseboards, but it's just odd having anyone come to "check out" your home. And just on the off chance that she looks in the refrigerator.... YIKES!